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Then if you are interested in caving you have come to the right place! Here you can see which universities have a caving club together with loads of other information. Look out for the cavers at fresher’s fair or get in touch with CHECC.

CHECC (Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs) is a national organisation set up to represent and support university caving clubs all over the UK and Ireland. They are a very helpful bunch and know how to party too! Contact them via the website Check the list of member clubs below to see if your uni already has a caving club. If not, why not ask CHECC to help you set one up.

Northern Clubs

Durham University Speleological Association
Glasgow University Potholing Association
Liverpool University Potholing Club
Lancaster University Speleological Society
Manchester University Speleology Club
Nottingham University Caving Club
Sheffield University Speleological Society
University of Leeds Speleological Association
University of Newcastle Caving Club
York University Cave and Pothole Club

Southern Clubs

Oxford University Caving Club
Cambridge University Caving Club
Reading University Caving Club
Southampton University Caving Club
Kent University Caving Club
Imperial College Caving Club
Exeter University Speleological Society
Plymouth Adventure and Expo
University of Bristol Speleological Society
Aberystwyth Caving Club
Cardiff University Caving and Canyoning Club

Irish Clubs

Queen’s University Belfast Caving Club
Dublin City University Caving Club
Dublin Institute of Technology Caving Club
University College Dublin Caving and Potholing Club
University of Limerick Outdoor Pursuits Club

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